There are 58,000

Homeless People in LA. 

We Work To Combat That.

Founded in 2009, Hope of the Valley aims to provide life essential services to those in need.
What initially started as a once a week meal service program out of a room in a Sun Valley Church has turned into a large not-for-profit with:

  • A 26,000 sq. ft. facility in Sun Valley with daily meals, showers, case management, and life skill classes.

  • The John E. White House of Hope 10-month Residential Men’s Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program.

  • The Genesis House, a 30-bed family shelter with special emphasis on homeless moms and kids.

  • The Bridge Transitional Living Facility for men in West Hills.

  • An 85 bed Cold Weather Shelter in Pacoima and a 55 bed Cold Weather Shelter in Skid Row.

  • An Access Center/Day Shelter in Van Nuys called the HELP Center.

  • A Recuperative Care Shelter, Commercial Catering Kitchen, Mental Health and Community Health Clinic in Mission Hills.

  • Plus three thrift stores that produce 50% of the funds needed for the organization's operating costs. 

Hope of The Valley Provides:


 A message of love, support and freedom for a better tomorrow.


 Food distribution to the hungry.


Emergency/transitional shelter to the situational and chronically homeless.


Resources for basic human needs.


Proven programs that lead to wholeness and self-sufficiency.

Things to Know About Homelessness:

The mayor has declared homelessness a state of emergency in Los Angeles.

Housing vacancy rates in the San Fernando Valley is less than 3%. The median one bedroom apartment is $2,200.

Once you have an eviction on record it becomes extraordinarily difficult to rent another apartment. 

Homeless people are human beings. Not all of them are drug addicts or lazy. They deserve to be treated with respect too. 

It's important to reach out to your council members about homelessness. We can all be part of the solution rather than be part of the problem. Everyone can do something.

How to Help?

DONATE what you can to Hope of the Valley on their website.

DONATE your old clothes to any of the thrift stores in the area.

VOLUNTEER at Hope of the Valley by serving meals or providing services

LEARN more about homelessness and help spread the word

CONTACT your council members and encourage them to be a part of the solution

ATTEND a Broadway to the Rescue benefit!

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